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Creating a Fun Environment While Celebrating Our Patients

Did you know that every orthodontist is also a dentist, but not all dentists are orthodontists? Orthodontists must go to dental school and become dentists before they can complete the training and education to be orthodontists. This means after he received his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Paschal completed 4 years of dental school and 3 years of specialized orthodontic training. He has received extensive training to be able to create unique treatment plans, just for you and your smile! Dr. Paschal has always been skilled in science and art, so he married the two passions to become an orthodontist and to create smiles for people like you!

The love of orthodontics that Dr. Paschal and his team share serves as the foundation for the fun and creative atmosphere in our office. A fun fact about our team is we make every piece of your orthodontic experience exciting. Each time one of our patients gets their braces off, we like to celebrate with them and have a full Red Carpet Reveal! Seeing your new smile for the first time is such a special moment, and our team takes every opportunity to acknowledge how exciting that moment truly is for our patients. Celebrations are always taking place around our office. We celebrate national holidays, our associates’ accomplishments, and most importantly, our patients, in any and every way possible!

Back to Basics

Sometimes, taking it back to basics can teach us everything we need to know about the process. Having braces or clear aligners changes some of our normal routines. Check out our videos to learn about our processes for transforming and caring for your smile!

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At Paschal Orthodontics, we take pride in providing an incredible patient experience. We are confident you will love both your new smile and our team! You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Read what our amazing patients have said about their experience at Paschal Orthodontics.

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