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4 Technologies We Use to Give You a Gorgeous Smile

Dr. Paschal here with Paschal Orthodontics. A lot of the time I’m asked, “Why do you like technology?” About 15 years ago, I decided that I wanted to build a state of the art practice. My whole orientation has always been about looking at the orthodontic landscape and identifying technologies that make our lives easier or more efficient, or better – hopefully, most of the time, all three. And so over the years, we’ve amassed technologies that have helped deliver that – and frankly, helped to change the level of care of orthodontics in the entire world.

Low Radiation 3D X-Ray Machine

The first thing we implemented that was huge at our practice was a three-dimensional x-ray machine, otherwise known as a CBCT or a cone beam CT. The CBCT enables us to get a three-dimensional view of a patient’s head inside and out, with lower radiation doses than most people get from conventional x-rays. Why is that good for you as a patient? Because I can see exactly where your teeth are and exactly where they need to go with that three-dimensional information. It benefits both you and me as a practitioner.

Intraoral Scanners

The second big thing that we implemented here was intraoral scanners. They’re a bit different from the x-ray machine because it’s basically like a three-dimensional camera. We no longer have to put goop in your mouth to get a recording of where your teeth are. So no more choking, no more gagging. We essentially stick a ‘wand’ in your mouth, and it scans your mouth and builds this three dimensional picture that we directly use in the computers to move your teeth. That opens up a whole new window of treatment that we literally did not have five years ago.

3D Printing

The third piece of technology that we’ve implemented in the practice in recent years is 3d printing. You know, three years ago, 3d printing was just a pipe dream for us because all the printers were way too expensive. And the less expensive printers just weren’t precise or detailed enough. Well, that has all changed. We currently have five 3d printers in our office, and they’re running the majority of the time that we’re working. The bottom line is 3d printing has opened up a whole new way for us to deliver care. And while we do 3d print outside a lot, having the ability to do it in our practice enables us to deliver higher quality treatment options for our patients in a shorter amount of time.

Smile Doctors Anywhere

Finally, the latest piece of technology that we’ve added to our treatment modalities is what we’re calling Smile Doctors Anywhere. Currently, there is a company that we’re using called Dental Monitoring. I am so excited about this technology because it’s going to enable us to track your care in a more specific manner without the inconvenience to you of having to come into the practice.

With Smile Doctors Anywhere, you won’t have to skip work or skip school, you literally will just take this box, hook it up to your camera, your iPhone, or Android phone, and scan your mouth. And then the really neat thing about this is it will enable us to specifically address when you need to come into the office to see us instead of us just saying, “Hey, we’ll see you in a month.” and then that month comes around and we do one little minor change, you know those kinds of things, but they weren’t as efficient as they could have been. So we’re excited about what Smile Doctors Anywhere is going to bring to this practice and we’re looking forward to implementing more changes as time goes on.

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