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5 Orthodontic Problems That Clear Aligners Can Fix

Clear aligners can do so much more than align a single tooth. They have the capability to completely transform a smile. So, what exactly that clear aligners fix?


An overbite is when your upper teeth overlap with your lower teeth. This can cause problems such as jaw pain and jaw dysfunction. No on wants that! With the right orthodontist, overbites can be a thing of the past by using clear aligners.


What is an underbite? An underbite is the opposite of an overbite: it is when the lower teeth overlap with the upper teeth. This can make it difficult to speak and eat, among other things. Do you or your loved one have an underbite? Schedule your complimentary consultation at Paschal Orthodontics to see how we can help solve your problem with clear aligners.


We’ve discussed overbites and underbites, so now let’s discuss a potential third bite misalignment: a crossbite. A crossbite is where upper teeth fit inside of the lower teeth. It can affect both sides of the mouth, or just one side, but it can often cause discomfort. We are here to help! By utilizing clear aligners, we can effectively achieve a healthy bite.

Crooked Teeth

Do you have a misaligned tooth that you want fixed? Or maybe you have a lot of crowing in your upper and lower teeth? We can fix that with clear aligners! While metal braces are still a great option for some, more and more individuals are opting for clear aligners as they are a comfortable and virtually invisible option to achieve a gorgeous smile.

Gaps Between Teeth

You wake up, look in the mirror, and all you can see sometimes is your gap. We’ve all been there, about one thing or another! The good thing? That gap can quickly be closed with the use of clear aligners.

Here at Paschal Orthodontics, not only do we offer clear aligners, but we actually offer our own in-house clear aligner program called Paschal Clear. We always want to stay on top of advances in modern day orthodontics, which is why we custom designed our own clear aligner program. By utilizing Paschal Clear, you can rest assured that you will get your clear aligners more quickly than with leading aligner brands, putting you one step closer to the smile of your dreams! Want to know more? Head over to our clear aligners page, or schedule a complimentary consultation! We look forward to meeting you

Paschal Orthodontics serves the communities of Greensboro and Madison, GA and the surrounding areas. Dr. Paschal offers in-house clear aligner treatment as well as a range of braces options for kids, teens, and adults. To schedule your complimentary consultation, please call us at 706.342.7330. You can also schedule your consultation online – we offer in-office and virtual appointments.

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