Clear Aligners for Teens and Adults
in Madison and Greensboro, GA

Clear Aligners for Teens and Adults in Madison and Greensboro, GA

Clear Aligners in Madison & Greensboro GA - Paschal Orthodontics

Paschal Clear Aligners: Get The Smile You Deserve Without The Hassle of Braces

There’s a reason why clear aligners are quickly becoming a popular trend in modern orthodontics. Easy to use, pain free, and virtually undetectable, clear aligners are a great option for many of our patients. So, what exactly is a “clear aligner”? Well, it’s a lot like how it sounds! Clear aligners are made out of medical grade plastic that are virtually, well, clear! We hope you take some time to learn a little more about our in-house clear aligner program. 

Paschal Orthodontics In-House Clear Aligners

Here at Paschal Orthodontics, we are dedicated to being the best. That means we are always up to date on the latest practices, treatments, and technology. Well, combine all three of those and you have the Paschal Clear Aligners program! With our state of the art 3D printer, we are able to print out your clear aligners right here in our office. What does that mean for you? First of all, it means you get your aligners sooner rather than later, putting you one step closer to getting the smile of your dreams! Secondly, if you ever lose an aligner, we will be able to print another one out for you in no time. 

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Why Choose Paschal Clear Aligners?

We often get asked by our wonderful patients, “Why should I choose Paschal Clear aligners over traditional metal braces?” Here at Paschal Orthodontics, we are happy to answer any and all questions you might have about your treatment options. So, what makes clear aligners a great choice for treatment? There are so many reasons that make clear aligners an excellent option to achieve your dream results. 

Because Paschal Clear aligners are removable, it not only allows you to not only eat and drink as you normally would, but it also allows you to continue brushing and flossing as normal, meaning your oral hygiene can continue to be exceptional! Additionally, there are no pokey wires or brackets with clear aligners, meaning you are going to be as comfortable as ever while getting the smile of your dreams. Last but not least, they are virtually invisible! So go to that school dance, or nail that work presentation, because you’ll be smiling from ear to ear in your clear aligners.

Clear Aligners in Madison & Greensboro GA - Paschal Orthodontics