Invisalign® for Teens and Adults
in Madison and Greensboro, GA

Invisalign for Teens and Adults in Madison and Greensboro, GA

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How Does Invisalign Work?

At Paschal Orthodontics, we believe every smile deserves a unique treatment plan because no two smiles are exactly alike! Invisalign allows our team to create personalized treatment plans and custom aligners that help our patients achieve their best smiles. Invisalign clear aligners were crafted in 1997 and have been trusted to correct misaligned smiles ever since!

Invisalign trays are clear aligners that are custom designed for each patient based on their smile. These aligners are made out of thin, medical-grade plastic and are molded to the shape of your teeth. They move your teeth into place by gradually exerting gentle pressure on each tooth to guide it into its desired spot. On average, most patients change out their aligners every two weeks until all of their teeth have moved into perfect alignment, but Dr. Paschal will be sure to give you specific instructions for your unique treatment plan.

Dr. Paschal uses the iTero Scanner to take a fast and accurate 3D digital scan of your teeth. This means, no more messy putty impressions! Dr. Paschal uses these scans to map out your personalized Invisalign treatment. You’ll even get a sneak peek at your final smile with the 3D digital scan results! These scans show us your projected progress at each stage of the Invisalign process and guarantee precise treatment.

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Why Should I Choose Invisalign?

With Invisalign clear aligners, Dr. Paschal can give you the smile of your dreams in as little as six months! Invisalign clear aligners work faster and more efficiently than traditional braces, and they have the added perk of being virtually invisible. You can remove your clear aligners to eat and drink for any social event you need. Just remember to brush and floss before you insert your aligners back into your mouth. Other added perks of Invisalign include:

Invisalign clear aligners provide trackable movement you and your family can trust. With Invisalign, Dr. Paschal and his team will have you on your way to your best smile in no time! Does Invisalign sound like the perfect orthodontic treatment option for you? If so, schedule your complimentary consultation with Paschal Orthodontics today. Our team here at Paschal Orthodontics is excited to join you in your orthodontic journey as we provide you with personalized treatment and a top-tier smile!

Invisalign Provider in Madison & Greensboro GA - Paschal Orthodontics
Invisalign Orthodontist in Madison GA | Greensboro GA

Who Should Choose Invisalign?

As the #1 doctor-recommended clear aligner brand in the world, Invisalign aligners can be a good choice to help nearly anyone achieve a healthy, confident smile:

  • For teens: even though the teen years can be the most on-the-go times in their lives, Invisalign® treatment can fit in! The greater flexibility you’ll find with Invisalign treatment compared to traditional braces often appeals to teens, whether we’re correcting minor misalignments like mild crowding and spacing issues, or we need to address more complex issues such as overbites, underbites, or crossbites. For example, because you can remove your aligners when it’s time to brush or enjoy a snack that would otherwise be a bad idea with metal braces, Invisalign treatment can be a seamless part of teens’ busy lives.
  • For adults: as with teens, the inherently flexible nature of wearing Invisalign aligners is appealing for adults. In addition, we’re often tackling less complicated issues in adults, so treatment time is about 50% shorter than we’d typically expect with braces — as few as 6 months in some cases. And because it’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted, Invisalign treatment for adults can begin at any age.